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Pharmaceutical products

UAB “Termofonas” complies with the strictest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry that are foreseen in the international conventions and moral codes of the sector as well as defined with the ISO standards. Strict safety of carried products and constant monitoring enables delivering them safely, so it is the guarantee of safety of UAB “Termofonas”.

Electronic goods

We work with the biggest manufacturers of electronic goods in Europe and can ensure special safety of goods. Constant protection: GPS monitoring, special metal locks with extra protection, alarm button for emergencies.

Construction materials

We provide the entire complex of transport and logistic services that is adapted to the transportation of construction and repair goods including construction and finish materials, furniture, illumination equipment and various decorative products.

As the demurrage in logistics has a direct impact on the price of construction and repair goods, manufacturers and distributors are interested in the maximum optimization of logistic schemes. The specialists of UAB “Termofonas” develop the most rational routes and offer the optimum logistic solutions to customers taking into account the characteristics of every cargo. The company performs timely transportations irrespective of the geography of transportation.


We transport wood, newspapers, paper and Christmas trees on holidays.


We also transport tires and clothes. It is actually all that can be contained in a 13.6 m tent trailer.